Used Box Springs Removal In Tampa

Used Box Springs Disposal

Discover our comprehensive removal and recycling services for used box springs at Junk Removal Movers. From standard box springs to low-profile alternatives and adjustable options, we handle all types with care and environmental responsibility. Trust us to efficiently dispose of your used box springs, ensuring a cleaner and greener tomorrow. Contact us today for hassle-free removal services tailored to your needs.


Standard Box Springs

These traditional box springs consist of a wooden frame covered in fabric and are commonly used to provide additional support for mattresses. Despite their simplicity, they play a crucial role in enhancing mattress longevity and comfort.

Low-Profile Box Springs

Also known as low-profile foundations, these box springs offer a sleeker, more modern alternative to standard box springs. They are characterized by their reduced height, making them ideal for use with thicker mattresses or in rooms with lower ceilings.

Split Box Springs

Split box springs are designed to address challenges associated with navigating narrow staircases or tight spaces during delivery and setup. They consist of two separate pieces that can be easily maneuvered and assembled, offering greater flexibility and convenience.

Platform Box Springs

Platform box springs feature a solid surface instead of traditional coil springs or slats, providing sturdy support for mattresses while eliminating the need for additional bed frames or foundations. They are often favored for their minimalist aesthetic and durability.

Adjustable Box Springs

These innovative box springs offer customizable support options, allowing users to adjust the firmness or incline of their bed to suit individual preferences and comfort levels. They are particularly popular among individuals with specific sleep needs or health conditions.

Bunkie Boards

While not technically box springs, bunkie boards serve a similar purpose by providing a solid foundation for mattresses without the added height of traditional box springs. They are commonly used in bunk beds, platform beds, or other setups where space is limited.

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