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Range Hoods Removal and Recycling Services

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Range Hoods Removal

Under Cabinet Range Hood: Installed beneath kitchen cabinets, these hoods vent smoke, grease, and odors from cooking appliances located on the range or cooktop below. They’re compact and space-saving, ideal for kitchens with limited space.

Wall-Mount Range Hood: Mounted directly on the wall above the cooking surface, these hoods provide effective ventilation for stovetops located against a wall. They come in various sizes and designs to complement different kitchen styles.

Island Range Hood: Suspended from the ceiling above a kitchen island, these hoods vent smoke and odors from cooktops located on islands or peninsulas. They feature a sleek design and powerful ventilation to ensure effective air circulation.

Downdraft Range Hood: Installed directly behind or beside the cooking surface, these hoods retract when not in use and rise to vent smoke and odors during cooking. They’re ideal for kitchens where traditional venting options are not feasible.

Insert Range Hood: Designed to be built into custom cabinetry or enclosures, these hoods offer a seamless and integrated look in the kitchen. They’re customizable and can be tailored to fit specific kitchen designs and layouts.

Ceiling-Mount Range Hood: Mounted on the ceiling above the cooking area, these hoods provide overhead ventilation for island cooktops or unconventional kitchen layouts. They’re stylish and modern, adding a unique focal point to the kitchen.

Pro-Style Range Hood: Designed for professional-grade cooking appliances and high-heat cooking, these hoods feature powerful motors and commercial-grade filters to effectively remove smoke, grease, and odors. They’re ideal for gourmet kitchens and serious home cooks.

Convertible Range Hood: These versatile hoods offer the option to vent externally or recirculate air through charcoal filters, providing flexibility in installation and ventilation options. They’re suitable for kitchens with limited venting options or where external venting is not possible.

Slim Profile Range Hood: Featuring a low-profile design, these hoods are slim and compact, making them suitable for kitchens with limited space or where a minimalist aesthetic is desired. They offer effective ventilation without overwhelming the kitchen design.

Custom Range Hood: These hoods are custom-built to fit specific kitchen designs and preferences, offering personalized ventilation solutions tailored to individual needs. They’re often crafted from high-quality materials and can be designed to complement any kitchen style.

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